MEWTWO, handmade print with frame, 30x24 format

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Artisanal etching that represent MEWTWO, maybe one the darkest legendary pokemon ever create. The print is handmade printed from a wooden matrix engraved in the traditional way.

The drawing is made by Nicolas Amoroso, illustrator, engraver and printer of Stamnos Edition.

Printed on a great quality of Velin BFK rives, non-bleached paper. Limited edition of 400 copies (30x24 cm with the frame)

This etching is a part of the Pokemon's collection created by Stamnos Edition. Those etchings are absolutely perfect for a geek's decor as well as a japanese's inspiration one.

Each print is unique, with some “default” that give a real authenticity to the etching as it is a handmade printing realised in a traditional way. However, we do not sell any copy with important defaults.

The frame is made from scandinavian pine's wood and is also handmade by Stamnos Edition.

Buying a product from Stamnos Edition is a way to participate of the democratisation of the etching.

The delivery times are to be estimated between 4 and 6 working days. (Excluding holidays)