"Pupae" - Limited edition, framed, 20x15cm

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"The monstrous pin-ups"

First image in a series based on Pin-ups, but Stamnos Edition obliges, they will be monstrous. So expect to come across zombies, vampires, mutants, and other deformities.

The prints are sold with a handcrafted frame as well. The sheet is 100% cotton and will easily resist UV rays.

Shipping times should be estimated between 3 and 4 working days.

This print is a real little work of art, authentic and full of flaws! But these small imperfections make them unique because each Stamnos Edition product is handmade, from a wooden die and then passed through our presses. If you are curious about this technique, visit our instagram on @stamnos_edition where videos and photographs await you.